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New Taipei City Police Department

New Taipei City Police Department
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New Taipei City is the most populous area in Taiwan. Located in northern Taiwan, mainly within the Taipei Metropolitan Area, New Taipei City covers 2,052 square kilometers as well as approximately 4 million citizens. With the growing population and the convenient traffic connections to other places, there is an increasing concern about public safety and complexity of crime.
Therefore, with the manpower of approximately 7,900 officers as well as being the largest local police agency in Taiwan, NTPD is responsible for the safety and security of the most populous area in Taiwan. Within the headquarter of NTPD, there are 24 divisions and offices responsible for the establishment and implementation of policing policies as well as 5 affiliated corps and brigades in charge of the investigation of criminal cases. In addition, there are 16 police precincts (with 160 police stations) of NTPD to maintain public order of 29 districts in New Taipei City.
There are four major missions of the police: maintaining public order, defending public security, preventing hazards, and promoting the welfare of the people. Within the four missions, NTPD formulates 5 policing policies to ensure the safety of the public as follows:
1. Fighting against crime and maintaining public order.
2. Establishing rapid crime-fighting taskforce.
3. Maintaining safe and smooth traffic.
4. Ensuring safety and protection for women, children, and juveniles.
5. Strengthening safety for foreign population.
In order to enhance investigation and police tasks, NTPD sets up 5 different goals to achieve in order to build a safer New Taipei City as follows:
1. Enhancing crime scene investigation and evidence identification technology.
2. Building high-tech defense for New Taipei City.
3. Digitalizing duty command management system.
4. Reinforce police education and training of police techniques.
5. Uniting all citizens to maintain public order.
With the equipment and information system of modern technology, NTPD hopes to coordinate other local governmental agencies to establish a secure network of public security and traffic as well as to make New Taipei City a smart and safer city for all citizens.


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