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New Taipei City Police Department


Please read the following clauses first:

  1. If your emails are pertaining to case of traffic violation, please go to the website below:
    This Mailbox will no longer accept complaints about case of traffic violation.

  2. To enhance satisfaction of our service, we are welcome to receive your valuable opinions. Also, we will properly process your email and spare no effort to keep your personal information confident.

  3. To avoid your e-mail being infringed and to ensure that you have actually received our reply, we will send you a verification letter when we receive an email from you. Please click the link in this email and confirm related information. Once you finish confirmation, we will deal with your question as soon as possible and reply your email in order. Otherwise, your email will not be processed. If you do not receive any confirmation letter, please check your spam folder.

  4. We recommend you that each email only covers one issue in order to efficiently process your email. If you have more than one issue to complain, please separate them into different emails. Furthermore, if you sent several emails for the same issue without providing new evidence, we will automatically take them as a single case.

  5. The content of email shall be truthful and concise. Any emotional word, advertisement and malicious report will not be processed. Moreover, never file a false complaint or give wrong information to the police, or you can be prosecuted under laws for offending someone’s rights and reputation.

  6. After you receive our reply, we will send you a questionnaire about satisfaction of our service in three days. We will really appreciate if you are willing to fill out this questionnaire in seven days to help us improve our quality of our service.

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