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New Taipei City Police Department

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New Taipei City Police Department
The Police Criminal Record Certificate is issued by the Police Department to show an applicant's criminal history if any. 
Eligible applicants:
Persons who are or have been domiciled in Taiwan area.
Office in New Taipei City:
Foreign Affairs Service Center, New Taipei City Police Department, Tel: (02) 8072-5454 ext. 4095 or 4096
I. Required Document
1. An application form 
2. ROC citizens: The original and one copy of ID card or the original household certificate. If the English version is needed, please present one copy of passport (including the page with English name). 
3. Foreigner: Original passport or A.R.C. /A.P.R.C. and one copy. (The original will be returned after verification).
II. Locations and processing Time
1. Apply On-line: 2.5 to 3 working days*.
2. Apply at Precinct: 3 working days*. 
3. Apply at Police Station: 5.5 working days*. 
4. Apply at Foreign Affairs Service Center, New Taipei City Police Department: 2 working days*.
 (*: excluding the day of the application, weekends and holidays.) 
It may take longer for those who need further check through judicial or military judicial authorities.
III. Processing Fee
Police Criminal Record Certificates cost NT$100 for the first copy, and NT$20 for each additional copy. Overseas applicants should remit US$7 in cash for the first copy (applicants from Hong Kong and Macau shall remit US$6 in cash, including postage), and US$1 for each additional copy.
IV. Application Procedure
1. To apply in person:
With the required documents, applicants may apply at locations listed above. The office hour is 8:30 to 17:00, Monday through Friday (except national holidays) in the NTPD and its belonging precincts while the police stations are available at all times. The office hour is exclusively extended to 20:00 on Wednesdays at Foreign Affairs Service Center, NTPD.
2. On-line application:
(1) Please click the link: and fill out the application form. 
(2) After 2.5 working days, please bring the required documents with you to Foreign Affairs Service Center to pick up the Police Criminal Record Certificate.
3. To apply by mail:
For overseas foreign applicants, please send the following documents to Foreign Affairs Division, New Taipei City Police Department at No. 32, Fuzhong Rd., Banqiao District, New Taipei City.
(1) A completed application form
(2) Original passport or A.R.C. or the photocopy of passport and ARC (authenticated or notarized by ROC embassies and consulates, Straits Exchange Foundation or other relevant notary public abroad) 
(3) US$7 in cash (applicants from Hong Kong and Macau remit US$6 in cash)
(4) An self-addressed envelope
1. To protect individual privacy, an applicant will need to pick up the certificate in person with ID card if he/she applies through fax, mail or the Internet. 
2. An authorization letter needs to be presented if an applicant cannot collect in person. Proxy is required to bring (1) the authorization letter, (2) ID of the applicant and proxy, and (3) processing fee.
 3.According to the Act governing the Issuance of the Police Criminal Record Certificate, an applicant’s police criminal record certificate will not be issued if his/her final sentence, including parole, penalty and sentence, has not been executed or is being executed.