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Our Vision

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  • Date:2020-02-26
  • Department:New Taipei City Police Department

New Taipei City (NTPC) is the convergence of Taipei Metropolitan area. NTPC is also an important hub of politics, economy, sociality, traffic and humanities in northern Taiwan, and that’s why NTPD features variety of cultures. Among all the things citizens consider concerning themselves the most are public safety and traffic order which are also taken care of primarily by the police department. In order to maintain public safety and traffic order, the police department needs to take care of the two tasks with creative solutions of technology as well as all integrated resources of NTPC governmental agencies given their broad and sophisticated influence over the city. With the perspectives of cross-agencies coordination and development of smart technology, we are able to establish the secure web of public safety and traffic order system. With the goal of building “Smart City & Safety NTPC”, we endeavor to transform NTPC into a more livable “Smart City” where 4 million citizens can lead their joyful lives.