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New Taipei City Police Department
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New Taipei City Police Department

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New Taipei City Police Department
  • Date:2019-10-08
  • Department:New Taipei City Police Department

While under the direction and supervision of the National Police Agency, New Taipei City Police De-partment is subordinate to New Taipei City Government. It is headed by a commissioner, along with three deputies and a chief secretary. The department currently has 8 divisions, namely the Administrative Division, Public Order Division, Training Division, Foreign Affairs Division, Logistics Division, Public Security Division, Prevention and Control Division, and Crime Prevention Division; 9 offices, namely the Internal Affairs Office, Public Relations Office, Secretariat, Information Management Office, Legal Af-fairs Office, Personnel Office, Civil Service Ethics Office, Accounting Office, and Statistics Office; 3 cen-ters, namely the Command and Control Center, Forensic Science Center, and Civil Defense Operation Center; 3 corps, namely the Special Police Corps, Traffic Police Corps, and Criminal Investigation Corps; and 2 brigades, namely the Juvenile Delinquency Prevention Brigade and Women and Children Protec-tion Brigade. The department also has 16 precincts, 161 police stations, and 2 mountain checkpoints. The department’s total personnel quota is 11,068, the 2019 budget was for 7,897 staff members, and the department currently has 7,740 police officers.
(End of August, 2019)