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New Taipei City Police Department

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New Taipei City Police Department

Our colleagues used to break down the door to rescue people in some cases. There have been situations when a child accidentally locked up the door, a neighbor found that his neighbor had not left home for several days, or someone asked the neighborhood representative for help because he could not contact a relative who lived alone. In those cases, the neighborhood representative would rush to the scene along with police and firefighters eventually. They rang, knocked, or shouted at various modern internal security doors, external security doors, or advanced electronic doors. Finally, the air froze. With all ears raised, everyone was waiting for the response of the person behind the door.

Police officers and firefighters crowded in front of a small door, contacting the house owner, asking for permission to break in, or discussing the best way to minimize the damage of breaking in.

However, what we worry about the most is that time, which is also the life hourglass of the victim, has quietly elapsed behind the door.

With tons of effort, the door was eventually open. The person behind the door could be a frightened child with tears and a reddened face, a helpless elderly who fell to the ground and peed himself out of fear, or a single guy who was merely too asleep to respond to the outside world.

There are hundreds of possible scenarios after opening the door, and there is only one possibility we are glad to see—the happy ending.