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New Taipei City Police Department

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New Taipei City Police Department

Thank you to the children of Cherry Class. We have received your gratitude!

Ho, ho, ho, have you made a wish to Santa Claus?

The Christmas tree in the Joint Service Center of New Taipei City Hall has been hung with citizens’ wishing cards. Some cards are from missing children, saying thank you to the police for helping them return home safe, and there are also interesting wishes such as recovering their lost mobile phones. The cards connect everyone's emotions, shining brightly on the tree.

If you see police officers on duty when visiting Christmasland, do not hesitate to express your gratitude! Direct feedback from the public makes our colleagues’ hard work more valuable.

Thanks to every police colleague who maintains traffic safety and public order in Christmasland, bringing Christmasland in New Taipei City to a successful conclusion every year.

Your directing whistles and guiding caution lights are the heroes behind the scenes.

For more information on activities in Christmasland in New Taipei City, please visit New Taipei City Travel website or Facebook fan page.


christmas card

christman card