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New Taipei City Police Department

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New Taipei City Police Department


This 30-second advertisement might trigger the worst memories of many citizens who have fallen victim to fraud!

In January, the Ministry of the Interior released the top three fraud types last year (2022)—#fakeonlineshopping, #fakeinvestment, and #revokinginstallmentplans. Other types like #fakepolice and #fakeprostitute in the video, are also commonly seen in reports taken by the police.

Please share this post. Perhaps your family and friends could keep their first pot of gold, funds for studying abroad, or retirement pensions just because they have watched this video!

*Do not panic if you receive a suspected scam call, remember the tips—“listen, hang up, and verify” and call the 165 anti-fraud hotline to verify as soon as possible.



(here is the link)