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New Taipei City Police Department


Are the messages received really from the police? The best way is to check it with the police!

Recently, we have received a large number of direct messages, all wanting to confirm whether the messages they received were really sent by the New Taipei Criminal Investigation Police Department.

It’s fake!

It’s fake!

It’s fake!

The sender mentioned being from the “New Taipei Criminal Investigation Police Department” and claimed that you had committed illegal acts. In addition to attaching the law references and the actual address and phone number of the police department, the sender also invited you to add the LINE ID of their online customer service specialist to assist in handling the case.

★Here, we want to publicly and solemnly reiterate!

  1. Police agencies "will NOT use online or text messages" to notify you to make a statement for cases.
  2. Invitation to add the " LINE ID of the online customer service specialist " is definitely a scam.
  3. "Simplified Chinese" is the most common deceptive feature
  4. Scammers ”even pretend to kindly remind you to beware of fraud” to win your trust.

In an era full of fraud, information must be carefully verified and actively checked!



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