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New Taipei City Police Department

The new technological device set up at 16 intersections within New Taipei City downtown to assist traffic law enforcement in operation starting from December 1st
October 25, 2022
Traffic Police Corps, New Taipei City Police Department


According to the statistics of traffic accidents reports in 2021, there were 16 intersections where there had been much more crashes and traffic violations than any other places. In order to solve this situation, the New Taipei City Police Department requested fund from central government to set up multi-functional technological law enforcement device at those intersections, using AI artificial intelligence with high resolution cameras to analyze surveillance images and to detect traffic violations. The acceptance inspection had been completed just a few days ago, and this technology were planned to be officially in operation on December 1, 2022.

The New Taipei City Police stated that this technological device is designed to detect 8 major violations (running red lights, illegal parking, failing to yield to pedestrians, road blocking on intersections, vehicles proceeding on sidewalks, crossing double yellow/white lines, failing to make two-stage turn, proceeding without following the signs). These are violations that are likely to cause traffic accidents and disrupt the traffic order. For example, there had been violation of crossing the double yellow line at the intersection of Zhongzheng Road and Xintai Road in Xinzhuang District, which may pose threat to other vehicles coming from other direction. Some impatient drivers may cross the double yellow line to get closer to the intersection, and sometimes car crashes happen when vehicles coming from the other direction collide with the cars that violate the rules.

Driving without following the signs, markings, and signals (such as violating the prohibition of turning left and right, turning before the green light of the left-turn arrow turns on, etc.) often leads to head-on collisions or collisions in the same direction, and crossing double white lines often causes traffic congestion or chaos. It is difficult for the police to detect those violations during rush hour. Therefore, it is essential to adopt technological device for detecting traffic violations in helping the police directing traffic to improve road safety and smooth traffic flow.

New Taipei City Police emphasized that enforcing law with technology is the means to prevent traffic violations and accidents and improve traffic order, not the goal of merely punishing law-breakers. The new technological device had been set up at 16 intersections, which had been well-publicized in order to enhance public awareness of road safety so that drivers may be alert and obey traffic regulation while driving. There is no excuse of failing to follow the rules even if there is no police present nearby. New Taipei City Police also reminded the public to be more patient and to follow the rules while driving, to yield the pedestrians to respect their right of way, so that the road safety in New Taipei City is guaranteed.