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The New Era of Fighting Against Fraud - Never Will the Fraud Syndicate Succeed in Taking Away Earnings of the Public!

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  • Date:2022-11-25
  • Department:New Taipei City Police Department

The New Taipei City Mayor You-Yi Hou had been combating fraud when he started to serve as the Commissioner of the Criminal Investigation Bureau by establishing the 165 anti-fraud hotline in 2004, which was seen as the country’s determination to combat fraud. Even after Mr. Hou’s police jobs ended in 2010, he has been showing great effort in fighting against fraud as the New Taipei City Mayor.

New Taipei City Police have successfully protected our citizens from being scammed over the past few years. The New Taipei City Police stopped the loss of 89 million dollars in 2020, and 220 million dollars in 2021. This year we have stopped the loss of more than 400 million dollars which is 3.5 times of that two years ago.

In addition, 9.5 million dollars of illegally obtained cash was seized in 2021, and more than 200 million dollars this year!

New Taipei City commits to crack down on fraud.
#NTPD is ready.

While the number of general crimes has been declining during the Covid-19 pandemic, scammers are always trying everything they can to swindle the citizens out of money.

In order to deal with these criminals more effectively, Mayor Hou took the lead in setting up the Anti-Fraud Strategy Office to enhance public awareness of new methods of scam tricks. With cross-departmental efforts, the Anti-Fraud Strategy Office can help the public detect potential scams and bring those criminals into justice.

New Taipei City Police commits not only to arrest outrageous perpetrators but also to safeguard earnings of the public. We will never stop combatting fraud as long as scammers are still at large.

Moreover, we also need cooperation of the community in order to eliminate fraud completely. Let’s work together to crack down on fraud!