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Keeping the citizens safe is the duty of the police

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Commissioner HUANG, TSUNG-JEN
  • Date:2021-03-29
  • Department:New Taipei City Police Department

"Keeping the citizens safe is the duty of the police”
#A few words from the commissioner Ah-Ren

It is the police’s responsibility to ensure the safety of the citizens. We, the New Taipei City Police, take every case seriously and always do our best to solve it. 

The members of the task force taking charge of this robbery case are awesome that they arrested the suspects within 24 hours with no rest. 

Because the gold ornaments robbed worth 30 million NT dollars, this robbery case had drawn the attention of senior governmental officials, especially the Chief Prosecutor of the Taiwan New Taipei District Prosecutors Office and the Director-general of the National Police Agency, and as soon as we got the robbers and retrieved the gold ornaments this morning, they were all relieved.

Thanks to the Kaohsiung City Police Department and the Railway Police Bureau for providing us with essential assistance, so that we can arrest the suspects successfully. 

In sum, the effective teamwork of the task force is the key to success. Moreover, the task force also demonstrated excellent diligence and professionalism during the investigations, which had deeply impressed me.

Trust us! We are the Police to catch all bad guys!

本文轉譯自本局臉書官方粉絲專頁貼文(民國110年3月21日) :