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The Policeman and the bandit faced off again after 17 years!

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  • Date:2021-03-16
  • Department:New Taipei City Police Department

#They were both ready to fire at the moment they saw each other.
"We had heard the gunshots before we pounced on him! I always thought that he planned to take the gun out of his pocket to fight back. Unexpectedly, soon after he reached into his pocket, he shot directly in his pocket!" 

Talking calmly, Sergeant Wang, who just took over the case-solving bonus from the Director-general this morning, describes the whole course of the chase on the streets of Wanhua. The thrilling process only lasted for 5 seconds, but it makes the hearts of the listeners seem to stop for a century.

Because of the pre-preparation, Sergeant Wang had assumed that the possibility suspect Chen surnamed suspect carrying a gun is extremely high, but he didn't expect that Chen would recognize him as the policeman who had arrested him 17 years ago.
After being suppressed, Chen said to Sergeant Wang: "You look familiar."

Wang recalls the summer of 2004, when suspect Chen pulled off the grenade latch and threatened to die together. The vivid memory, like a movie plot, shocked Sergeant Wang, who was climbing up the kitchen ceiling to arrest Chen. That was the first and the only one time they confronted each other. Unexpectedly, they faced off again in a different scene.

Fortunately, there were no casualties among our colleagues in this case. The Police seized a modified gun, 36 bullets and tiny amount of amphetamine on Chen's body and car, and brought Chen to justice successfully.