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Recognize the Fraud, and Defend It Calmly

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  • Date:2021-02-25
  • Department:New Taipei City Police Department

Recognize the Fraud, and Defend It Calmly 
What should I do when I receive a call informing me that my identity has been misused?

Watch out! Scam gangs are coming to you! Stay calm. First, listen to what they say carefully; second, hang up the phone; and finally, dial 165 to check!

4 Things that Government Agencies Do Not Do
1. The prosecutors/police do not notify, summon, or interrogate you via the phone.
2. The prosecutors/police/courts do not ask you to go to a convenience store to receive a subpoena.
3. The prosecutors/police/courts do not ask for remittances, transfers, and supervision of accounts.
4. The police do not transfer calls from district prosecutor’s offices or courts to you.



1. 檢警:不會在電話中通知、傳喚、做筆錄
2. 檢警/法院:不會要求至超商接收傳票公文
3. 檢警/法院:不會要求匯款、轉帳、監管帳戶
4. 警察機關:不會電話轉接地檢署或法院