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Making New Taipei City A Happy And Safe City

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  • Date:2019-05-01
  • Department:New Taipei City Police Department

Taiwan is a nation founded upon the principle of human rights. However, there have been some cases that migrant workers were mistreated or violated the regulations because of unfamiliarity with the laws in Taiwan

Together with the Labor Affairs Department of New Taipei City Government, we carry out our Mayor Hou’s idea, Action Governance, which is aimed to provide good working environment for migrant workers in Taiwan. Moreover, we go to factories employing migrant workers in our city to propagate some measures of crime prevention and concept of laws. By doing so, we hope to urge migrant workers to obey the laws in Taiwan. In addition, the inspectors of Labor Affairs Department publicize implementation of the life management for migrant workers to their employers and brokers.

We provide good working environment for observant enterprises and conduct “Third Party Policing” through multi-agency cooperation to make New Taipei City a happy and safe city.